Freedom: what teens want

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Freedom: what teens want
This is a polemic article and treats the important theme of freedom in USA for teens. The author compares different kind of reactions of the police to the citizens’ freedom. He point out with two examples that some T-shirts was considered offensive by police simply for slogans such as “no war in Iraq” and “peace on Earth”, and may cause violence among people with different views.
The police denying the right of free speech, denies the 1st Amendment.
The author says that this is possible in places like school, when is motivated by reasons such as decency or security.
Other important point of question is the “curfew”, which means that teens must not exit from houses after midnight without an adult. Half of teens say this is correctly, others believe that law victimize them.
The conclusive point is the law on the web, that especially in USA allows inserting into sites many offensive contents. So kids risks to enter in sites that may cause big shocks.
The questions then is: “why police allow free speech on Internet, when is so bad, but stops constructive dialog?”
Then: what is really dangerous?

Work out again from: “U.S. teens and freedom” (Club n.1 September/October 2003)