Emily Bronte



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Emily Bronte

Life and works
• Born in Yorkshire in 1818
• She published a poems volume with her sisters
• She wrote only one novel: Wuthering Heights
• She died at the age of 30

“Wuthering Heights”

• Lockwood, the new tenant of Thruschcross Grange, seeks shelter in Wuthering Heights, a remote moorland of Heathcliff.
• He has a nightmare: a girl, Cathy, asks to be let in from window, but he’s scared and prevents her from entering
• The next day, he hears the story of Cathy from Nelly, a servant
- Earnshaw found a boy (Heathcliff)_he brought him at W.H._he began treating him as a beast
- Earnshaw had two children, Hindley (who hates Heathcliff) and Cathy (whit whom is in love Heathcliff)
- Earnshaw died and Hindley became the master of the house. Cathy is forced to marry Linton. Heathcliff ran away
- Cathy died in childbirth. Heathcliff decided to marry Linton’s sister and so he treated her cruelly. They had a son, Linton.
- Heathcliff became master of W.H. and brought under his power Hindley and his son, Hareton.
- Heathcliff wanted his son to marry Cathy’s daughter, Cathrine, but she’s in love with Hareton.
• Lockwood leaves and returns to Thrushcross Grange a years later. Nelly tells him that Heathcliff and Linton are died and Cathrine and Hareton got married. Heathcliff has asked to be reunited with Cathy in death.