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This is a black and white picture drawn by Esher. He is a very famous drawer, he is known all over the world thanks to his unique and fascinating pictures.
This picture is called “Hand with reflecting sphere”.
Indeed it represents a sphere which is a special mirror resting on Escher’s left hand because, he needed his right hand to make the drawing. But if he were left handed, it could be his right hand. Indeed looking at the picture you can see that the man is stretching out his right arm to hold the sphere.
The sphere reflects everything in the room on its surface. The “Hand with reflecting sphere” could be considered a self-portrait indeed the man who is reflected could be Escher when drew the picture.
It is very realistic. The hand that is holding the sphere has the creases and the cracks that a real hand would have. The room that is shown inside the sphere looks just like a room is supposed to look. It has four walls, a ceiling, a floor and furniture just like a real room.
The hand is very beautiful and full of charm. It is lined with many wrinkles and it seems a very strong hand. The tendons of the wrist as well as the particulars of the fingers are bring out. The fingernails are well cut indeed the hand is trim, even if is a very lined hand.
The whole room, the floor, four walls and the ceiling, albeit distorted, is all shown in the small circle. In the room there are many pictures on the walls, they are all different, there is also a bookcase with a lot of books that have different colours and sizes. In the background there are two armchairs with a little table, two stools and a desk.
Behind the desk there is a window with quite long curtains and this side of the room is lit by the sun. There is a table lamp on a little piece of furniture and an other lamp is hanging from the ceiling.
On the first ground there is the man who is reflected. He is sitting on an armchair and has got long grey moustache and beard, his hair is short and grey. His eyebrows are dark and bushy and his look seems sad because the eyes are deep-set. He is very thin indeed the face is gaunt, and he is well-dressed.
If this picture really represent a self-portrait I would think that it would be very difficult to hold the sphere and draw at the same time. The detail in the whole drawing is very good. If I didn’t know that it was a drawing I would think that it is a real person holding a sphere.
In my opinion, this picture is full of meaning, indeed the contrast between the hand, that is isolate, and the sphere, that has got a lot of details, could means that “everything is in our hands”.