Comedy,Tragedy and Theatre



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Playwright or dramatist: author of the play
Stage: area in a playhouse or theatre where the play is performed
Audience: the people who go to watch the performance
Acts: division of play in major units = scenes
Stage directions: where the dramatist intervenes to give instructions for the plays production.
Comedy: : initial situation in which the main characters are in opposition and harmony to the end main theme is love ,happy ending involves marriage and reconciliation, plot is complex and improbable, privileged position of the audience, flat characters.
Tragedy initial harmony, then reversal fortune. 6 steps: introduction presentation of hero, development hero rise to power/happiness, climax high point of hero’s fortunes, crisis turning point in the hero’s fortunes, decline deterioration in the hero’s situation, catastrophe hero falls to a condition of degradation, humiliation, death.
Pun: play on words which takes advantage of the fact that some words in English have the same sound, although not necessarily the same spelling and a different meaning. Earnest (leale) Verbal Humour: is built on the contrast between what Gwendolen says and what the audience would expect someone like her to say in real life. (Gwendolen’s speech)
Behavioural Humour: It derives from the fact that a character’s behaviour is unexpected and seams absurd in the given context on the stage. (Gwendolen’s behaviour)
Situational Humour: it is based on the audience’s knowledge of an essential aspect of the situation which is unknown to some characters on the stage (jack double identity)
Fate: incident of the plots are mainly unfortunate events which drag the protagonists to their fall.
Round character: individual personality of Romeo and Juliet
Catharsis: in watching a tragedy, the audience experiences strong emotions such as horror, fear and pity without the overwhelming pain that would be associated with them in real life. This effect on the audience is called Catharsis. = purification.
The importance of being Earnest: In this extract humour is conveyed through language, through behaviour and through one particular element of the situation that must be kept secret, jack’s double name. lady Bracknell isn’t a lifelike she is characterised by a few dominants traits which are typical of her social class. She is a caricatures of the snobbish pomposity of the British aristocracy at the time; therefore she is a flat character but also an example of how a flat character can be very vital and convincing.
Romeo and Juliet: Crisis: fight between Romeo and Tybalt decline: messenger doesn’t reach Romeo