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• Vocabularies say that friendship is a noun that means a reciprocal affection between two or more persons. Definition of friend is: someone who is legate with feelings of friendship to somebody else.
But for me is a deeper thing. True friendship is a kind of love, the more important type of love that we would like to have in our own life. When someone has a friend, a true friend, he confidantes everything, he explains all his problems and he try to resolve them. He can listen his beloved for long hours and sometimes rebuke him. A true mate is present at the more important events of the best friend’ s life. When he’s sad he try to make him laugh and give him a consolation word. A good friend is never a traitor and each secret is locked in his mind forever.

• I haven’t lots of friends but I prefer having a true one that many fakes. My best friend is a special girl. I met her at school two years ago and our friendship is growing day by day because we loved each other and we can’ t stay divided for long period. I’ m sure that our amity will never die. I have never be unfaithful to her or rather, I protected her when she was lying or when she was defenceless I defended her anyway. I love her so much and for her I could do everything because she is very important for me.
She advises me when I need it. That’s one of her best quality but also she is kind, helpful, fair, and what else… with her I feel me happy because she can make me laugh every time also when I’ m very sad.

Fortunately nobody betray me in a shameless way. I’ m glad because it means that everybody respects me and they are sure that I value them. That is so important.

• Centuries ago, a really important philosopher call Aristotle said:” friendship is a virtue and it is fundamental for our life, because without friends, nobody would choose to live is own life”
For Aristotle there are three kinds of friendship:
- Founded on convenience
-Founded on enjoyment
-Founded on virtue
The last one is the more steady because founded on love.

• My conclusion is that human been is a social animal, because, alone he isn’t self-sufficient.